In the Silent Coach, life scientist, mentor and healer, Loreta Pivoriunaite introduces you to the unseen intersection between personal growth and spiritual development. In the world where we are rush into the things, Loreta opens the other path inside you.

You will hear how Loreta did it and discover new levels of personal growth and gain a roadmap to guide your journey to a richer spiritual connection and completion.

From basic core principles to proven scientific insights, The Silent Coach will guide you to:

  • Reassess your identity and stay focused with a growth mindset.
  • Test more than 20 proven techniques for your physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual development.
  • Feel self encouragement regardless of whatever actions are taken.
  • Apply three ready-to-deliver self-audits.
  • Be inspired to facilitate the workshop samples given in this book.
  • Use your silent coach daily for inner connection and guidance.

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